Babylonia. An idea from the heart. Our Story.


30 years ago, a Greek artist began experimenting with candle wick and silver pieces creating unique, hand-made jewelry. This jewelry line, now known as Babylonia, incorporates symbols and values into each piece.

These hand-made works of art became so desired that they are now distributed in dozens of countries around the world carrying the artist’s dream beyond borders.

The symbols tied around nautical knots represent our personality always in harmony with our friends, family, loved ones.

The idea is that the symbols choose us and not the other way around.

We are drawn to each one of them based on our emotions, desires and experiences at the time or our state of mind.

Wearing Babylonia jewelry feels like you are wearing your deepest thoughts, dreams and values in your everyday life.

The stay with you always reminding you of all things important to you while making a fashion statement.

Super water resistant to keep them timeless and color vividful for a long time.

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